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R.E. Davis Builders embraces the belief that quality of life can be measured in part by our willingness to make an effort to care for someone else.

Because of this conviction, actively helping to enrich the community in which we live has always been fundamental to our values as a company.

For nearly 20 years, R.E. Davis Builders has been an enthusiastic supporter and volunteer with these and other organizations and projects.

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The Mill River Playground was built as part of Stamford’s Mill River Park & Greenway, a world class urban park located in the heart of Stamford, Connecticut.

R.E. Davis Builders provided skilled on-site labor and tools to assist in the construction of the playground.

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AmeriCares • HomeFront

This non-profit home repair program helps homeowners and community centers lacking the financial or physical means to make needed home or building repairs. Materials and labor are provided by local businesses and volunteers from all walks of life.

Work is performed at no cost to the homeowner or the community center. The primary focus is to provide safety, stability and comfort.

• Bob Davis has served as a House Captain for over 18 years, coordinating each home improvement project by meeting with the homeowners, evaluating needed repairs and recxruiting and overseeing the volunteers (both skilled labor and other interested helpers).

• Bob was awarded a Homefront Lifetime Heroes Award in 2007.

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Advocate Leader

Bob Davis was selected by The Stamford Advocate in 1996 to receive an Advocate Leader in the Community Award for outstanding accomplishments in our community.

Mill River Playground