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How It Works
Our Steps

At R.E. Davis Builders, we embark on every project with the attitude that this home is as important to us as it is to the homeowner. We are driven by a strong desire to please our clients. This philosophy has proven to be our blue print for delivering a successful project with professionalism and the highest quality standards.

We understand that our past successes and future ones depend on establishing and maintaining clear lines of communication as well as understanding our client’s goals and expectations.

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The ideal outcome for our clients always begins with asking the right questions. This dialogue early on in the process inevitably helps build confidence and trust in our working relationship.

Experience has taught us that by investing the time and energy upfront, there is a greater opportunity to initiate and keep the momentum going, which ultimately achieves positive results for our clients.

We recognize that each project is unique and requires some level of customization and flexibility. There are, however, certain critical steps that we take with every one of our projects to ensure success, including:

•  Collaboration

We establish a cohesive team involving the Owner, Architect/Engineer, R.E. Davis and our network of experienced contractors and suppliers.

•  Communication

We keep our clients constantly informed. We identify, address and follow-up with any changes to the Owner’s program or with any unforeseen circumstances.

•  Attention to Detail

Every aspect of the project is given the attention it deserves, providing our clients with a high level of comfort. Through regular on-site supervision, we maintain the highest quality control standards and are prepared to manage unexpected changes.

•  Accessibility

Bob is personally involved with each project, visiting sites on a regular basis.  We return calls within 24 hours.

•  Construction Phase Controls

To help keep the project on track, we provide weekly site meetings & reports, progress schedules, intelligent project management, design decision schedules and budget & cost status reports.

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